Door-to-door routing


What does it do in a nutshell?

MinuteMapr Routing understands how the average person travels. It knows they may need to use an underpass or zebra crossing on a busy road, it knows which path is best to take and it understands how real people move about. It can identify the quickest or least congested routes and those with the fewest changes or step-free access. You decide which routing options are best suited and we deliver.

MinuteMapr Routing explains what to do throughout every stage of a journey. The detailed directions guide users to bus stops, train stations, ferry crossings and over bridges. It knows train passengers need to be on the platform with plenty of time before their train leaves, and it knows how long it takes to switch from one underground line to another.

MinuteMapr calculates routes as a human will travel it – not as the crow flies.