What does it do in a nutshell?

MinuteMapr Geofence sets a virtual boundary around a point of interest using minutes, so you can send messages tailored to users that fall ‘within X minutes’ of a location. E.g. parcel deliveries – customers can be sent a message when the driver is less than 10 minutes away.

Fencing by time improves the accuracy of marketing messages because a minute is always a minute, but a 2-mile radius could take 5 or 50 minutes. By sending out messages to potential users merely minutes away, you can deliver more accurate information. It also means you can understand how quickly users can reach you.

How it works in practice: parcel deliveries

Note: users must opt in for mobile messages before they can be sent marketing messages. 

12% of UK deliveries fail first time as the customer isn’t at home, and it costs the industry over £750m each year. By informing the customer when the delivery is close, you can ask for confirmation that they’re available to receive the delivery, therefore preventing drivers wasting delivering to recipients who won’t be there. It’ll also deliver a higher quality customer experience, allowing customers to come and go rather than being stuck at home on delivery day.

Any transport mode

Users can specify their preferred mode of transport for the fence. You can set boundaries using all modes of public transport or just focus on the bus or tube. You can also choose from walking, driving and cycling or take a combination of them all within a single journey.