What does MinuteMapr Roundtrip do in a nutshell?

Roundtrip calculates the timings of a return journey. Round trips aren’t always as simple as reversing the first leg of a journey – we’ve all stuck been in traffic jams looking enviously as the other side of the road flows freely. Roundtrip knows that one direction may take 15 minutes while the reverse takes an hour. It uses time-based data to assess which locations are most convenient, so if you’re planning a client meeting, you can find the locations that fit within a 1-hour slot.

How it works in practice: meeting planner

A traveling sales executive may need to reach various locations during the day, so if one client cancels, they need to know who they can potentially visit in this opening without delaying their next appointment. Using MinuteMapr they can identify a replacement meeting, that doesn’t affect the rest of their day.

Ideas for how to use MinuteMapr Roundtrip:

  • Stock collections
  • Booking meetings
  • Organising company cars