Venn diagrams


What does MinuteMapr Venn Diagram do in a nutshell?

It identifies a geographical area that’s suitable for more than one point of interest. By overlapping multiple searches from different locations, you’ll be able to identify a middle ground suitable for all. It’s great for choosing a new store location for your customer base, a new office or identifying a centralised  location for a meeting.

You can display the intersecting area on a map or use it simply to filter a list of locations. Each shape can set different preferences for mode of transport, time of travel, maximum travel time as well as other features.

Why use it?

  • A more accurate way of selecting locations than using miles radius as it reflects the real way people interact with locations
  • Understand stakeholder travel behaviour within different locations

How it works in practice: new store locations

When planning a new store location, you need to identify if the new location will generate a good source of revenue. Use MinuteMapr to map your current stores and competitor’s store locations to identify any untapped locations for store coverage. You can also overlay customer location data to see where’s the most accessible area for a new store based on your database.Just before launch you can also use the software to see which locations will be best to place outdoor advertising within easy access of the new store.

How it works in practice: allocating service engineer territories 

When creating territories for service engineers, you need to ensure that engineers can complete the work in the time allocated and travel times can eat into precious appointment time. With MinuteMapr, you’re able to upload 10 service engineers’ addresses, calculate 1 hour travel time areas and overlay your client database. You’ll be able to allocate engineers to specific jobs based on travel times as well as workload and client value.