What’s Nearby

What does it do in a nutshell?

What’s Nearby filters locations using minutes, not miles. It delivers results that fit the user’s preferences and never assumes they can travel ‘as the crow flies’. Results are tailored because every user can specify the time of day, mode of transport and the length of time they wish to travel. MinuteMapr displays relevant locations based on how many minutes it takes to get there. When the user is able to reach every single result, all results are relevant.

Rank and sort: filter thousands of locations by travel time, from quickest to slowest.

Any transport mode: visitors can specify their preferred mode of transport. Deliver results using all modes of public transport or just focus on the bus or tube. They can also choose from walking, driving and cycling or take a combination of them all within a single journey.

Time of day: let your user find results tailored for a particular time of day. If the time of day isn’t important, use an average time.

Speedy: every result returned in milliseconds.

Why use it?

What’s Nearby is best used when users want to match location search results to their content, local search results and location suggestions to each user. Searching by minutes means the most relevant locations are delivered every time, boosting conversions.

How it works in practice: finding a local supplier

To help businesses source resources locally, use What’s Nearby so you can see which supplier works best for the business. If business resources require collection, the user can specify their available transport and find out which locations can be reached before closing time. Why list results by mileage when the only thing that matters is getting somewhere quickly?